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September 23, 2023
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3 tried tactics that can grow your business on Instagram

  Nowadays, we can confidently declare that if you have a smartphone you are ready to start your own business. Although, the access to the Internet become commercially available to the regular users before less than 35 years , we can safely state that since the Internet exists the business has changed a lot and for the better.

Creating a website is a nice way of starting your business, however being on social media platforms is also very important for your business because in these platforms you have the opportunity to increase the awareness of your brand alongside the opportunities for growing your customers’ base. One of the best social networking sites for this is the mobile app Instagram.

Instagram allows its users to gain popularity and grow their community organically and you can be sure that everyone has the potential to grow their business on the social platform because statistics show that Instagram is used by 2 billion users every month and this number is constantly growing. Until now, many business and personal accounts have already managed to gain enough popularity on the social platform that can ensure them profit and you can be one of these people as well.

We don’t claim that putting some nice pictures will make miracles and you will gain many customers that will buy from you, but we do claim that if you use the app the correct way and if you manage to understand and use the marketing tools Instagram provides, you will be satisfied with the results that the app has brought.

In this article we are going to talk about some tips that can help you to grow your Instagram community organically in order to gain popularity that can be converted into improving your business.

  • Dedicate your Instagram account to the niche that you present. The first thing you need to do in order to be successful on Instagram is to choose the niche you would like to create and share content about on your Instagram profile. If your brand already exists, this means that you already have chosen your niche and now you need to stick to this topic. Try to create engaging and interesting content related to your niche and post it regularly on the social networking site in order to keep your audience engaged. After your niche is determined you should do some research in order to find out who your ideal customers are, who they follow on Instagram and what type of content they engage with. This way you will be aware of what type of content related to your niche you need to create and post which in long terms will help you to become popular on the social platform.

  • The quality of your followers is more important than their quantity. Most people think that the number of your followers is the most important thing for achieving success on Instagram that is why they buy followers on Instagram from different suppliers in order to grow their audience and start earning money through the usage of the mobile app. Of course the quantity of the followers is an important aspect of the whole conception, but in fact the quality of these followers is even more important. Many people believe that if you have for example 100 000 followers this definitely means that brands and companies are ready to work with you, but the truth is a bit different. In order to be a successful Instagrammer you need to take some time to build and establish a loyal and dedicated audience that interacts with your uploads and engages with your content. In order to build a loyal audience you need to communicate with your followers. When they comment on your posts, make sure that you respond to their comment because this way you will show them that you are trustworthy and each of your customers is important to you.

  • Focus on creating and posting video content, not only images. Many social media experts claim that posting video content is of essential importance and a key aspect of increasing the traffic on your Instagram account alongside engaging your followers. Recent study research shows that every popular brand account on Instagram creates and publishes content in the form of a video. The social platform is all about sharing visual content and statistics show that the users prefer to consume information in the form of an image or a video rather than reading a text. By representing a brand on Instagram you have the opportunity to showcase the goods and services you provide in an attractive and eye-catching video. You will have the option to both show and explain details about your products and why the audience should buy a certain product exactly from you, not your competitors.

Another amazing tool that Instagram supports is capturing live videos where you have the opportunity to speak directly with your followers. This will build a relationship between you and your customers, because they will feel you closer. In this type of conversation, your followers will be able to ask you questions about your products and services and you can answer your customers straight away. You should definitely use the tool IGTV as well, because the last few months IGTV has become also a very important aspect of each marketing strategy on the social platform. Unlike Instagram videos that last only up to a minute, on IGTV you can post video content for up to 60 minutes, which is pretty amazing as you will have the time to showcase all the important aspects of your product or service. This way if your content is good enough you will bring lots of traffic on your account in the form of likes, but if you would like to receive even more interactions on your posts, you can buy likes on Instagram.

When it comes to achieving social media success especially on Instagram there is not a golden secret that will benefit you from the usage of the platform, however there are tried and true tactics that will result in success but only if you manage to apply them properly. Stop scrolling aimlessly through your Instagram feed and starts creating your online business now, because if you don’t, someone else will definitely will.

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