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September 23, 2023
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Benefits of Keto-Friendly Bread

Fiber first bread is a superfood powerhouse when it comes to living within your macros and taking care of your body on the keto diet.

95% of Americans do not consume enough fiber in their daily diets. However, increased fiber is linked to six different benefits, including better gut health and reduced belly fat.

Increasing your fiber intake can be a life change that includes new habits and new supplements or powders to help add in the fiber you need for a happy gut. But what if I told you that you could easily cash in on all six of these different keto health benefits by incorporating keto-friendly bread with increased fiber into your daily diet.

6 Reasons Why Fiber Found in Keto-Friendly Bread Is Amazing

1. Increased Fiber Leads to Better Gut Health

Fiber promotes better gut health. The proper fiber intake feeds our healthy gut microbes or beneficial bacteria in our colon. Increased microbes in our gut mean a healthier mucus membrane in the stomach and lower inflammation throughout the body. 

2. Increased Fiber Regulates the Digestive Tract and Better Bowel Movements.

Folks can get a little squeamish when it comes to discussing number two in public, but in this case, it is absolutely worth talking about it! 

It is not new knowledge that increased fiber helps aid in dealing with diarrhea and constipation. Fiber is made up of soluble and insoluble fiber.

If you have too much water in your colon, the soluble fiber will bond with that water, helping to create more solid poos that are easier to pass. If you are constipated, the insoluble fiber, which is not digestible, will act as a roughage, soften up your number twos and help you do what you need to do and pass your poo.

This benefit alone is invaluable to those on the keto lifestyle because fiber is not often found naturally in low-carb, high-fat foods.

3. Increased Fiber Naturally Detoxes the Body.

Fiber naturally detoxes the digestive tract by grabbing toxins and pulling them out of your body via elementation. 

If you maintain a proper intake of fiber, you can help fight off the build-up of these toxins and harmful bacteria that can lead to unwanted health issues and illnesses down the road.

4. Increased Fiber Can Help Lower Bad Cholesterol and Reduce Blood Sugar

When soluble fibers soak up water in the stomach and intestine, they become gel-like. These gel-like strands help block the absorption of fats and cholesterol that put you at risk of heart disease. 

These strands slow down the absorption of intestinal sugars and decrease the levels of bad cholesterol and lower the amount of these sugars that make it to the bloodstream resulting in lower blood sugar levels.

5. Increased Fiber Can Help Burn Unwanted Belly Fat.

The process of eliminating the excess and bad gut bacteria by consuming fiber creates short-chain fatty acids, which has actually been scientifically linked to helping to reduce belly fat by regulating your fat metabolism rate.

6. Increased Fiber Eliminates Cravings and Sugar Spikes.

Soluble fiber absorbs water in your stomach and expands. This expansion is what helps you to feel full when eating. But it is also fiber’s ties to lowering blood sugar levels, and ultimately, insulin spikes that help to stave off unwanted cravings.

When you eat foods that don’t spike your blood sugar, your body can maintain a more efficient energy usage. This energy usage is a crucial element to burning fat in the keto lifestyle and keeping you from feeling hungry or craving simple sugars to get you through the day.

Increasing Your Daily Fiber Intake is Easy When all of these Benefits are Found in Keto-Friendly Bread.

Fiber supports a healthy and successful keto lifestyle. Though we laid out six of the most valuable reasons to increase your fiber, the sheer amount of keto health benefits from fiber is immeasurable and still being discovered.

We have absolutely no doubt that incorporating fiber-first keto bread into your low-carb diet will reap incredible rewards for your health in both the short term and the long term.

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