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September 23, 2023
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Best Meal Plans to Stay Healthy

Living healthy in a modern world is not an easy undertaking. Options for quick meals often leave you feeling worse because of how greasy or unhealthy they are, and eating a balanced nutritional diet seems to take so much extra time and money. It almost seems impossible to find something that allows you to consolidate time and money without sacrificing nutritional value. Finding food that is healthy, holistic, renewable, and packed with nutrients and antioxidants seems like a mountain you just can not climb.

Fortunately, even though the world is becoming increasingly fast paced in its demands, there are companies who are offering modern solutions to modern problems. With a concept called premade meal delivery, companies are offering to essentially cook for you. Food is selected in advance, prepared in health conscious ways, and delivered in refrigerated containers straight to your door.

But, as brilliant as this is, even this market is becoming heavily saturated, and some options are just not as good as others.

What Makes Food Healthy?

Nutrition is a complicated science, but it essentially boils down to answering the question of what is actually best for your body. And while this may look different for many people, there are certain lifestyles that offer healthier options than others. One such lifestyle is veganism.

What is Veganism?

Veganism is more than just a diet, it’s actually a lifestyle that revolves around the idea of avoiding products (and more specifically food) that is created using animal products, animal byproducts, or meats. You completely cut out foods like meat, eggs, dairy products, and any other products that are produced with any animal-based ingredients. Instead, you alter your diet to include plant-based ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, dairy alternatives, nuts, and legumes. This allows for a much more natural, renewable diet that improves your health and will help you feel better about what you put into your body as a result. Eating vegan really can be a simple choice; it does not have to be stressful!

Are There Vegan Options for Premade Meal Delivery?

Yes, absolutely! There are several options, including the one linked above, that provide you with excellent nutrition at affordable rates that do not require you to sacrifice any time or effort. And the best part of a vegan meal delivery plan is that you have so much variety. Believe it or not, in two weeks, you will rarely eat the same meal twice.

You are treated to a cultivated meal plan that encompasses an entire week, breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and even a snack to fit in when you are hungry in the middle of the day), and the variety is excellent and delicious.
Breakfast ranges from oatmeals to granolas to muffins and pretty much everything in between. All options are dairy and gluten free, and most are also soy and nut free as well to include the widest possible range of dietary restrictions.

Lunch is usually one of a wide variety of healthy, vegetable filled salads from gluten-free pasta salads to Thai slaw salad to a grape and balsamic salad.

Dinner is probably the most versatile meal out of the three, and includes dishes like Veggie Fajita bowls, Stir-fry bowls, different stews, and even pasta dishes.

As you can see, the variety is excellent, and if you ever do need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, a wide range of snacks and juices can really help fill you up in a healthy way. There are plenty to choose from, including fortifying blends to juices that boost your hydration, to refreshing green juices that just cool your body down, all with their own uniquely delicious flavors. Prepared, delivered meals often come with similar if not equal caloric intake to regular dietary plans, but the difference is that the calories you get from the more natural, holistic food are just much better for you.

Staying Healthy is Attainable

If this sounds appealing, you should definitely try to give it a shot. Giving yourself the best chance at a healthy and delicious routine may look like starting a vegan meal plan. You can get delicious, nutritionally designed meals directly to your door with no hassle or stress to you. You can even customize individual meals depending on whether or not you fall within the local delivery radius.

In Summary

Modern life makes being healthy very difficult. Being healthy often seems like a battle between balancing financial commitment, prep time, and just giving up and doing whatever is fastest and easiest. However, you do not have to make sacrifices that you are unwilling to make, because there are modern solutions to the crazy world we live in. Companies are growing networks of prepared meal delivery that allow you to get the nutrition you need without overhauling your current routine.

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