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How Ghee is Becoming More Popular

There are countless different oils and fats that you can use for cooking an array of dishes. These oils and fats all have their perfect uses and applications. However, we think that ghee is the most versatile and flavorful of the bunch.

But how does ghee stack up to it’s better-known brethren butter? We lay it all out in this post about ghee vs. butter.

What is ghee?

Ghee is butter that has been slow-cooked to separate and evaporate the water content while skimming off the milk solids so that all is left is the pure butterfat.

This process is called clarification because you are clarifying the butter of any non-fat “impurities.” Removing the water content and the milk solids boost the smoke point of your butter, allowing you to cook at higher temperatures without risk of burning the butter.

Ghee takes the clarification process a step further by toasting the remaining milk solids before they are strained from the liquid fat, creating a nutty, deeply caramelized flavor in the butter.

How can you cook with ghee?

Because ghee has a higher smoke point, it is more suitable than butter for pan-frying or sautéing and even roasting vegetables and meats. The toasted flavor adds a depth and refinement to any dish it is paired with and can be just the thing to take your cooking to the next level.

Why is ghee becoming so popular?

You can thank the keto diet for ghee’s recent worldwide claim to fame. Ghee has been used in traditional Indian cooking for hundreds of years, but the rest of the world has just now discovered its glorious goodness.

Though the keto diet first brought ghee back to American kitchens, its high smoke point, depth of flavor, and versatility keep it in the pan and in the healthy hearts of home cooks everywhere.

There are many benefits of using Ghee

Removing the milk fats and solids makes ghee lactose and casein-free, which makes it easier for those with a lactose intolerance to digest and enjoy. With the milk fats removed, clarified butter and ghee can be stored at room temperature for up to six months.

Ghee is full of vitamins and minerals that are soluble in fat. These vitamins and minerals can only be digested by our bodies when healthy fats are present. Ghee is also one of the most beneficial saturated fats on the market and contains butyrate, which eases digestion and reduces inflammation in the body.

How to use ghee

In most cases, you can use ghee the same way you would use butter. The exception to that would be baking. Most baking recipes have been calculated to use the moisture and fats than unclarified butter contains.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate ghee into your regular use:

  • Perfect for bulletproof coffee. Ghee’s pure fat content and low carbs making it an excellent addition to bulletproof coffee regularly consumed on the keto diet.
  • It makes a mean stir-fried veggies and fried rice. Ghee’s high heat point makes it best friends with dishes that require pan-frying.
  • It is excellent for tossing just about any vegetable in and slow roasting in the oven till golden brown.
  • You will never have a better fried egg than you will pan-fried in ghee.

Ghee is the Superfood of Fats

Ghee’s endless versatility, high heat point, shelf stability, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals make it the best possible choice for almost any recipe you want to tackle. It is easy to make and readily available on the grocery store shelf, so why not try this powerhouse fat out for yourself!

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