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Introducing My Favourite Scissors Cut Curry Rice

Lately I keep having yearning for scissors cut curry rice. If you think of this as any type of average white rice with curry sauce ahead, you are very mistaken. The starchy as well as gooey curry of Scissor-Cut Curry Rice is so incredible that many people crowd from all corners of Singapore to savour this distinct as well as distinct flavor. Not Indian, not Japanese and also not the regular Chinese selection. The curry is spicy-sweet as well as very satisfying. I can have stacks of rice just with the curry and I am not kidding, yet I practice restriction. When age grows, I can not eat like a teenager! 

Don’t be fooled by appearances

Do not ever be mistaken by this plate of ugly unpleasant viscous rice. It possibly one of the most delicious Hainanese curry rice you ever before eaten. Trust me, it’s very good. This is named “scissor-cut curry rice” due to the fact that the dishes were cut up into bite-sized portions with a huge set of conventional scissors.

Having a ‘voice’ of its very own, these sorts of food are themselves legends. Supported with background, each has a story to share. That is possibly why I have a love for street food. I value the effort that enters into every day in the non-air-conditioned kitchen area. Some stalls are handed down from generations. So the dishes are traditional and legit.

An all time favourite

What’s so superb about curry you ask? This is no regular curry. It’s Hainanese curry rice at its finest. The sauce is thick as well as starched (i assume they put corn starch) as well as yummy. Eating rice saturated in curry of this sort makes for a different gastronomic taste. Perhaps I’m simply as well utilized to typical curry that’s why I identify this type a novelty. I’ve eaten Hainanese curry rice before however that was years ago – Midnight Curry Rice I assume (they open just at twelve o’clock at night. haha).

I have really fond memoirs of this scissor-cut curry rice due to the fact that since young, my papa will sometimes bring this for us. It’s truly a reward since normally we just eat what my mother prepares in your home. Do not get me incorrect, my mum is an excellent chef, but as a child won’t you like a dish different?

The store attracts long queues at various times of the day. However there is enough seating as they have a shophouse beside satisfy added seating ability. In fact this curry rice preference equally as great eaten as a packed food. I will certainly ask to overflow my rice with even more sauce as I’m the type who loves my rice damp with dressing.

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