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The 6 Best Cakes of All Time 

Cakes are the brick and mortar of all occasions and have been used for gifting from one generation to the next. Whether planning to surprise your mom and dad on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day or anniversary and other occasions for your loved ones, a cake should be on top of the list. There are many ways you can touch the hearts of your loved ones with cake options and customisations. With so many options from which to choose, a person with less cake intel can be easily overwhelmed. Online bakeries like FlowerAura are providing a seamless way to avail online cake delivery in Raipur and many other cities in India. We share the six best cakes of all time in this post. Read on to learn about the perfect cakes to surprise your loved ones on a special occasion.

Chocolate cake

Chocolates are one of the most popular delicacies in the world. Research conducted by various experts worldwide has concluded that chocolates are healthy and they also promote the release of happy hormones. So, a chocolate cake surprise for your loved ones at their doorstep will go a step further and strengthen your bond and share the love and happiness. You can surprise your loved ones with a heart-melting dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, decorated with Kit Kat, Cadbury, or any other chocolates.

Floral cake

If the person you wish to surprise with a cake is a fan of flowers, you can surprise him or her with a mesmerising floral cake. You can surprise your loved one with fondant or semi-naked cake that is decorated with flowers. You can have the flower decorations done using cake flavoured fondant or have the flower decorations done by painting the cake with food colouring. In addition to the customisations, you can surprise your loved ones on any occasion with a tiered cake.

Red Velvet Cake

Sometimes words are not enough to express the deepest feelings and emotions, and this is when red velvet cakes come into play. These heart-melting cakes are baked using red velvet food colouring in the dough and frosting for decoration. You can surprise your better half or power couple with a heart-shaped red velvet cake decorated with fruits, chocolates, photo, and figurines, among other options. You can also experiment with the cake flavour and ingredients to make your dream cake come true.

Designer cakes

The best thing about gifting loved ones with a cake on their special occasions is that – cakes can be customised to suit any occasion and personal preferences. If your loved one is a fashion junkie, you can surprise them with a designer cake that looks exactly like their favourite pair of shoes or purse. And you can also take designer cakes to another level by surprising your loved one with their superhero or heroine and movie or cartoon characters on the cake.


If you are looking for the best snakes your loved one will appreciate in-between meals, then search no further than cupcakes. Cupcakes are an ideal cake to surprise your in-laws or someone you have recently made friends with. You can surprise them with a box of assorted cupcake flavours and designs. You can have the cupcake flavours like apple, chocolate, black forest, ice cream, and vanilla.

Ice cream cake

Cakes are one of the most versatile delicacies in the world. You can steal the hearts of your loved ones with midnight delivery of a heart-melting ice cream cake at the ding of their doorbell. Not only is ice cream the best dessert in the world, but it also releases happy hormones. You can surprise your loved ones with an ice cream cake that is decorated and incorporated with fresh fruits such as cherries and pineapple.

Wrapping Up

The cake, as mentioned above, types and flavours will help you find the perfect cake for your loved ones on special days like birthdays, graduation parties, weddings, anniversaries, and many others. You can also reach out to bakeries and get assistance to choose the best design, flavour, and colours for the recipient and occasion. Search for the best online cake shop that provides delivery to your loved ones anywhere in India in less than two hours, and provide a user-friendly website that makes searching, customisation, and ordering a cake – a walk in the park.

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