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September 22, 2023
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The Best Water Filters For Your Home

Water is a necessity in life. However, due to the risks associated with drinking impure water, the demand for efficient water filtration has never been higher. Tap water, which most of us regard as safe for drinking, might contain harmful contaminants and micro-organisms. Thus, the importance of water filters in a home.

Water filters eliminate chemicals and bacteria that might be present in water, making it safe for drinking. Some of the reasons why you should install them include:

  • Better-tasting water, free of odor
  • Elimination of up to 240 volatile elements that might be present in the water
  • Research proves that these filters minimize the risk of some cancers such as rectal cancer and colon cancer. This is mostly attributed to the elimination of excess chlorine and its byproducts.
  • Some specialized water filters eliminate toxic substances selectively, leaving the helpful minerals in it.
  • It is safe for children’s health
  • It reduces gastrointestinal illnesses due to the removal f organisms such as E. coli.

Types Of Water Filters For Your Home

There are different types of water filters, each of which addresses a specific water problem. Most water filters, however, use a combination to perform multiple filtration tasks. The main type you will find in homes include:

  1. Mechanical water filters

These filters are good for removing physical and waste matter from water. They are mostly used as a pre-filter in combination with another type of filtration rig. They get rid of tangible things like tiny pebbles and twigs.

  1. Carbon filters

Most homes will have this variety of water filtration system. They are good for removing chemicals, organic elements, and compounds such as magnesium. Carbon filters are the most prevalent water filters.

  1. Ion exchange water filters

These filters come in handy when used in areas that have hard water. They can also capable of getting rid of several radioactive elements. However, their design does not allow them to remove organic material and bacteria effectively.

  1. Reverse osmosis water filters

They effectively eliminate most toxins like fluoride, arsenic, copper, and radium. However, due to the slow albeit thorough filtration, they reduce water pressure and are not suitable for day-to-day activities that consume large volumes of water.

  1. Sequestration water filters

Sequestration water filters utilize chemicals in their structure to help isolate harmful substances it contains.

Tip For Thought

Consider this: you need a water filter for your home, but you aren’t sure which one to purchase. You find yourself in a dilemma; reverse osmosis filter vs. Sequestration filters, Berkey vs. Brita! This can be a daunting task. You have to think it through, consider your needs, and make an informed decision. What’s in your water? The impurities in your water greatly influence the type of water filters you install in your home. And do not forget to allocate a budget to guide your spending. Lastly, find a vendor who offers the products and services you require to install the perfect water filter in your home.

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