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Types of High-Quality Ovens for Restaurants

Nowadays, almost all restaurants use an oven. Whether you run a small or grant eatery, an oven is a potent tool in the food preparation process. It’s then critical to acquire high-quality kitchen appliances to ensure the smooth running of your restaurant.

What are the different types of ovens available?

There are several options when it comes to oven choices. All differ in the mode of cooking, price, and maintenance. Your space and budget matter and should define your options.

The typical examples are;

  • Combi ovens

These appliances use three cooking methods in a single device. These are;

  • Convection
  • Steam
  • Combination of steam& convection

You can use the convection feature for baking bread or roasting meat. That’s not all, though! The steam feature is useful for poached fish, steamed rice, cooking vegetables, and more. You can also use the combination feature to get flavored delicacies with minimal shrinkage.

Why use combi ovens in a restaurant?

With a combi oven, your choices are limitless. You can cook more, save time, and boost capacity. It’s also worth mentioning that you get tasty dishes from your appliance. You can roast, steam, smoke, bake, braise, and fry food with combination ovens. What’s more? You don’t need to acquire multiple units, which saves space and money.

  • Accurate temperature controls

Combination ovens come with distinct features. These include precise temperature and steam settings, allowing for customization and cooked food.

  • Flavor preservation

When using the steam and convection combination feature, you preserve nutrients and flavors. This results in quality cooked food that appeal to all customers. These ovens are then perfect for meats, for they prevent over-drying, which keeps your cuts juicy and tender.

  • Multi-purpose

Combination ovens perform various tasks, including holing cabinet, proofing, slow cooking, and more. These are great investments in a single piece. Although these ovens are pricey, they are cost-effective than acquiring multiple appliances for your restaurant.

  • 2. Convectional ovens

These feature electric or gas burners. With these ovens, heat radiates up, pushing down the cold air, which can cause uneven cooking. Convectional ovens are common in inbuilt kitchens and are useful in both homes and commercial settings.

  • Convention ovens

Convention ovens feature a fan at the back and are unique in their mode of cooking. The fan allows for air circulation throughout the appliance, ensuring evenly cooked food. Such ovens heat up faster and are energy efficient.

  • Microwave ovens

These are common in homes and food joints. Microwaves are popularly used for heating and defrosting food. You can also bake some recipes in a microwave oven, but not all work. Examples of microwave ovens are;

  • Solo microwaves
  • Grill microwave ovens
  • Convection microwave ovens
  • Oven toaster grill ovens

These are perfect for making toasts or grilling. They are similar to geysers and use filament coils for heating and cooking. If you love baking, these ovens may not be ideal.

In summary

There are different types of ovens to acquire for your restaurant. Choose multipurpose ovens, save time, energy and cook faster. Also, be sure to purchase high-quality appliances, for this minimizes breakdowns and maintenance costs.

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