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What Should You Serve Caviar With?

Whether you are having a dinner party with a few of your close friends, you are celebrating your partner’s birthday or you are throwing a holiday party, caviar is a great option for the menu that will wow all of your guests. 

Caviar is often served alone and there is no denying that it is enjoyable this way, but there are other ways to make your caviar more exciting and serve your guests something that they have never tried before. 

This article will help you to learn about the best food and drinks that complement caviar perfectly. It is important to remember to keep those pairings somewhat simple so as not to overpower the subtle taste of caviar. Remember that the caviar should always remain the star of the show. 

If you are blessed enough to have a tin of caviar, it being one of the most luxurious food items available, ensure that you make the most of it with these perfect pairings. 

1. Keep it Simple

Often the simplest things are the most perfect. The best caviar is delicious served alone and it doesn’t need anything else with it. There is nothing wrong with eating caviar in this way, and in fact, many people believe that this is the only way that you should eat this luxurious delicacy. 

It is important that you keep your caviar cold and keep it in the fridge until just before you serve it. It is also recommended that you place it in a bowl over ice and serve it like this to ensure it retains its beautiful freshness. 

Another thing to remember is to avoid using metal utensils with caviar as they can ruin its delicate flavor. Find a special caviar utensil that is made of bone or plastic, to protect its subtle flavor. 

2. Garnish

If you do want to do something a bit more exciting with your caviar consider garnishing it. It is a good idea to make sure that the caviar remains the most important thing on the plate, especially if you have forked out on an expensive variety. 

If you are serving the finest quality caviar, it likely doesn’t need a garnish at all. However, other ingredients as a garnish can help to bring out the subtle flavor, as long as you get the balance right and avoid overpowering its beautifully subtle flavor. 

The traditional way to serve caviar is on top of blinis which as Russian pancakes that are made out of buckwheat flour. The blinis act as an edible platter and as they have only a subtle flavor, they perfectly complement the caviar. 

You could also serve the caviar with crackers, crispbread, or bread which all act as mini platters for your delicious caviar. If you are looking for other flavors to complement your caviar, consider eggs such as a hen or quail or thin slices of raw onion and sour cream.

It is a good idea to serve the garnishes in small bowls so your guests can combine their favorites and customize their blini. This also makes for a fun and social dinner party activity. Do suggest that your guests try the caviar alone though so they can really appreciate its flavor. 

To Sum Up… 

Caviar is the perfect option for a dinner party or holiday celebration, but make sure that you are careful that you only serve it with complementary flavors so as not to ruin its beautiful subtle taste. 

Often you do not need to serve it with anything, but simple garnishes can help to bring out its unique flavor.

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